About the 29:59 Plan

Welcome to digital version of The 29:59 Plan.  Since Peter Lord designed this wonderful prayer tool in the mid-70’s it has sold over 600,000 copies and transformed the prayer lives of countless individuals.   Now, the potential of this tool is being multiplied through this very useful, dynamic and portable format. 

Why The 29:59 Plan?

The original 29:59 Plan was uniquely developed based on this premise: “You cannot pray for everything everyday!”  There is not enough time in the day to cover every need, every request, every praise, every topic.  The 29:59 Plan is a tool to help you bring focus and consistency to your prayer life as you address specific topics each day.  This approach is proven to help you to remember your specific prayer needs, and will also teach you trace God’s faithful hand as He answers your prayers. 

One other key component to the 29:59 Plan is the critical emphasis on Scripture-based prayer.  We believe that in the normal course of life, “The best way to talk to God is in His own words”.  The scripture based approach of The 29:59 Plan will not only teach you to pray, but it will help you to know and understand God’s word greater than you ever have before. 

How The New 29:59 Plan Works 

Whether you are a long time 29:59 user, or brand new to the plan, this new digital format will be very easy to use, and will fit your unique lifestyle and prayer needs.

The 29:59 features two major components.  First, you will learn how to pray the Scriptures following the pattern Jesus gave us, referred to as “The Lord’s Prayer.”  You will enjoy this experience through the basic “4/4 pattern” which captures the essential elements of that model prayer. 

The second element is the prayer guide.  Following the pattern of the original 29:59 you will be encouraged to write out and track vital prayer request.  You will also have a variety of additional topics to cover in prayer throughout the week as your journal your prayers.  This process is easy to use and will ignite a new awareness of God’s power and work in your life as He responds to your prayers. 

As a 29:59 user, you will also have access to a library of wonderful prayer resources that have played an integral part of the 29:59 Plan from the beginning. These additional tools will help you gain a greater understanding of who God is and how we ought to respond to Him in prayer.  They will also provide you with practical instruction in topics like praying for lost friends or resolving conflict between other believers.  You will notice there are a handful of resources available to the public, but only those who purchase The 29:59 Plan, you will gain access to all of these powerful resources.

The History of The 29:59 Plan

Peter Lord first developed the original 29:59 Plan as a pastor, wanting to help the people of his congregation spend quality time with God in prayer each day.  (The name came about to encourage people to spend 30 minutes with God but in a non-legalistic way...hence 29 minutes and 59 seconds).  Since that time, the 29:59 Plan has gone on to influence so many more Christians, giving them the tools to help them truly experience intimacy with God in prayer. 

A New Vision 

Several years ago, Strategic Renewal had a vision to see The 29:59 Plan make an impact in this generation as much as it did in its early years.  Daniel Henderson, President of Strategic Renewal, has been a longtime 29:59 Plan user and was personally influenced by Peter Lord in his early ministry years.  In 2007, Strategic Renewal published, The Revisioned 29:59 Plan.  Since then, the plan has continued to impact the lives of believers, teaching them what it is to seek God’s face in worship-based prayer. 

Continuing The Legacy

Today, through the blessing of technology, we now get to offer the 29:59 Plan in a platform that will exponentially multiply it’s impact. This digital version will reach generations to come, in a format that will fit any lifestyle.  Start your plan today, and experience the power of true communion with God.