A Letter from the Authors

A Letter From Peter Lord

Prayer is the privilege of access to God. It is a holy art that must be learned...and the Holy Spirit is the teacher. He teaches us directly and through others.

This 29:59 Plan was born in my personal life and ministry from my desire to know God and fellowship with Him. I believe it was developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It is called the 29:59 Prayer Plan because it requires 29 minutes and 59 seconds a day – and it can easily be expanded as God allows the time and provides the strength.

It is a guide to effective communication with God.

It is A guide...it is not the only guide;

It is not even necessarily the best guide. It is a GUIDE...nothing more;

It points the way.

It is a guide TO communion with God.

But like any other guide, it will do you no good unless you follow it.

I pray that you will use your 29:59 Plan to develop true communication with God and that He Himself will give you a new perspective on prayer.

Peter M. Lord



A Letter From Daniel Henderson

Recently, five well-known pastors appeared in an interview on a world- wide television broadcast. They were discussing prayer. One pastor commented, “I learned to pray from Peter Lord’s 29:59.” All four other pastors nodded in affirmation. They, too, had been greatly helped by the 29:59 prayer guide.

I am among those who have been deeply influenced by Pastor Lord and his teaching. During my college days, Peter Lord helped me understand the difference between seeking God’s hand and seeking His face. The 29:59 showed me how to worship and intercede effectively. I have quoted Peter Lord hundreds of times in the past 30 years of my pastoral ministry. Now, I have the privilege of partnering with him in our common vision to see the church of Jesus Christ become a house of prayer.

Strategic Renewal is delighted to partner with Peter Lord in this new digital edition of the 29:59 prayer plan. We believe its greatest impact is yet to come as new generations are exposed to the helpfulness of this prayer tool and encouraged to experience and enjoy a fresh communion with Jesus Christ. We pray you will enjoy your time with God as never before and tell many others about this wonderful tool that they, too, may be blessed. 

For His glory,

Daniel Henderson