How It Works


The 29:59 Plan was designed to help YOU spend time with God each day. The guide may seem complex at first, but it is really just a tool to help you experience communion with God. There are essentially two key components to helping you do that.

The first component is the Praying The Scriptures form. This is a prayer approach that is based off of Jesus' prayer in Matthew 6, what many refer to as "The Lord's Prayer". This is our Savior's key instruction in teaching us how to pray. You will see that this pattern (the 4/4 Pattern) can be used with any passage of Scripture, and will teach you how to respond and communicate with God based on His revelation in Scripture.

The next aspect is the Daily Prayer Guide. This totally custom interface will allow you to keep track of all the people and issues you are praying for on a daily basis. You will also see the option to update your prayer requests as God gives answers, and also claim certain Scripture promises for certain requests. You can't pray for everything everyday, and this tool will help you remember how to pray faithfully for all the matters the Lord has entrusted to you. Below you will find a sample schedule to help you remember all the critical areas to pray about.

As an added bonus, you will have access to our library of prayer resources which will encourage you to remain fervent in prayer. You will also find a lot of great teaching material in how to pray more effectively and how to know what to ask for in prayer.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Here is a sample prayer schedule that was part of the very first 29:59 design. It is a great way to help you consistently pray for all the different areas of life and ministry. As always, its just a suggestion to help guide you. You may find certain areas of your life demand more attention that others, so we've given you the freedom to totally customize your schedule as best fits you.


Want to see more?

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