Using The Plan

How to Use Your 29:59 Plan Most Effectively

To make prayer a priority requires a choice and self-discipline. After you have learned how to use the prayer plan, be creatively flexible. Change the order of the intercessory prayer topics and add your own as you will. What works best for you is best for you. Remember, this Guide will do you no good unless you follow it to develop a vital, Bible-based daily encounter with God Himself.

Remember these key points:

  1. In conjunction with your daily Bible reading, utilize the “Praying the Scripture” format
  2. To keep track of prayer requests, answers to prayer and various praises, unitize the Daily Prayer Guide section.
  3. Enjoy the many articles as you have time to enrich your understanding of prayer.
  4. Enjoy the various quotes on prayer to inspire your heart. 
  5. Share the guide with friends and family.  As they purchase and enjoy their own 29:59 Plan, their prayer lives will grow, as will your fellowship with them as you share your testimonies of your walk with Christ and His active involvement in your prayer journey. 

How to Use the Praying Scripture Section

  1. Select a portion of scripture, preferably from your daily Bible reading. 
  2. Follow the 4/4 pattern, asking the related questions, to find cues from the text to help you as you pray.
  3. Do not be rigid in using this format; simply let it be a framework to help you pray according to God’s word.
  4. After you have spent some time in this exercise, move to the daily prayer guide journal to log your prayer requests, or update the ones you have already been journaling.  

How To Use Your Daily Prayer Guide Journal

  1. Select a prayer category, then name the person or request you are praying for.
  2. Ask God to give you a Scripture promise. Enter it when He does. 
  3. Record the date you start praying.
  4. Mark down the date each time you pray. Persistence is a law of prayer. (Luke 18:1) 
  5. The Holy Spirit will sometimes give you a specific impression as to how to pray.
  6. The Holy Spirit will sometimes want to use you in being a part of the answer. Make a note of His instructions so you will not forget to carry them out.
  7. Be sure to record answers to prayer and let praise and thanksgiving become an important part of your praying.
  8. Sometimes God will give absolute assurance that He is going to answer your requests. Trust Him as you keep praying 
  9. Record evidence of the Holy Spirit’s movement.  Keep praying with intensity. 
  10. When you are not sure what to pray for a person:
    a. Ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance
    b. Pray Scriptural prayers
    c. believe the Holy Spirit is making intercession as you bring them to the Lord in prayer 
  11. Do not try to pray for everyone every day. Do not make your prayer list too large.