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Secrets of Prayer

Let Prayer Be Your First Choice, Not Your Last.

It is honoring to God when our immediate and first response to any situation is to consult Him. If we are going to “acknowledge Him
in all our ways,” and “ first the Kingdom of God,” one of the best ways is to make Him our first consultant and advisor. Then 
He will direct our paths, making them straight and plain as He has promised. (Proverbs 3:6)

Let Your Gaze Be On God, Your Glance On Your Request.

If we allow our gaze to be on our request, it will dominate our prayers: we will tell God what we see and what needs to be done. However, if our gaze is on God, we will ask Him to interpret the situation from His viewpoint (tell us what He sees), and to tell us what He wants done. “Teach me Thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a level path, because of my foes.” (Psalm 27:11)

Pray More From Conviction Than From Crisis.

Prayer is not a last resort for one to use in time of crisis. Prayer, if properly engaged in, will keep us out of the crises we will get in if we do not pray. Conviction praying is prayer for a situation on the basis of the known will of God, before the situation occurs. Crisis praying is prayer based on a situation that is not going as it ought to go, according to the will of God.

Praying In The Spirit And By The Spirit.

While many people would disagree as to what this means, all must acknowledge it is an absolute necessity for successful prayer. (Ephesians 6:18; Romans 8:26, 27; I Corinthians 14:1) 

Let Your Prayer Be Filled With Praise.

There is nothing for which we cannot praise God. Every opportunity, trouble, or burden can be presented in praise; the praise that comes when we know He knows and cares; the praise that comes when we remember that He allows some things and causes others for our welfare; the praise that comes when we remember He is pressing us into Himself so we can discover Him.

Pray Retail, Not Wholesale.

Wholesale praying goes something like this: “I love You, Lord. Thank You for all things. Forgive all my sins. Bless everybody, and give me all I need.” Retail praying means being specific at all times and for all things: “I thank You, Lord, for John, for shoes, for feet, for Your mercy, Your grace.”

Praying specifically brings specific answers. Has your child ever come to you and said, “Please bless me with a blessing”? Probably not. He/she would say, “Dad and Mom, please take me to the beach.”